IP Bill Worries Tech Companies

IP Bill Worries Tech Companies

The UK Parliament recently drafted the Investigatory Powers Bill, a piece of legislation that would overhaul rules on how authorities access the communications of British citizens.

appleThe wording of the bill has concerned a variety of tech companies, especially those affiliated with social media like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo, and even Microsoft. Apple has already challenged the reach of the draft’s legislation.

The aforementioned five firms are united in a coalition called Reform Government Surveillance or RGS. RGS hopes to promote principles and make legal arguments that curtail the governments’ increasing power to collect communications data on their citizens.

“There are many aspects of the bill which we believe remain opaque,” asserted the RGS companies in their written evidence. The RGS has pointed out wording related to judicial authorization, encryption and technical requirements on tech firms that is vague to the point of being potentially exploited.

twitterThe government bill take issues with tech companies that offer end-to-end encryption services for customers like the messaging app in Apple’s iPhones. The encryption makes decoding messages extremely difficult and time-consuming, even for Apple engineers. The bill would allow for encryption to take place, but also make it possible for the government to force firms to give up the decryption keys.

Apple has been the frontrunner in fighting this effort, stating “We reject any proposals that would require companies to deliberately weaken the security of their products via backdoors, forced decryption, or any other means.”

The creation of backdoors would also allow for increased government surveillance, though Apple also points out that third party malicious hackers can and will also exploit any vulnerabilities that they build into their products.

Another facet of the debate is the issue of extraterritorial jurisdiction; authorities are unsure the extent to which UK authorities can compel US based companies to comply with their laws.

“We have collective experience around the world of personnel who have nothing to do with the data sought being arrested or intimidated in an attempt to force an overseas corporation to disclose user information,” stated the RGS firms. “We do not believe that the UK wants to legitimize this lawless and heavy-handed practice.”

The polite reminder of this totalitarian-regime-like movement of more “advanced” nations like the UK and US in terms of increased government surveillance has been a repeated motif amid the privacy vs. security debate.

The tech firms seem determined to use their economic power to fight this trend in government surveillance, to the relief and accolade of privacy advocates.

“As a general rule, users should be informed when the government seeks access to account data, ” the firm asserted. “It is important both in terms of transparency, as well as affording users the right to protect their own legal right.”

The role that tech firms are playing in government surveillance issues has been truly remarkable, according to Paul Bernal, legal expert at the University of East Anglia.

“I think it’s very interesting how strongly the ‘big players’ of the internet have responded to the UK government’s surveillance plans. The breadth of the intervention is remarkable- they haven’t kept to purely technical matters, but talk about judicial authorization, transparency and so forth. The breadth shows how seriously they are taking the issue.”

Encryption and Public Keys; What’s the Deal?

Encryption and Public Keys; What’s the Deal?

The internet is an open and public system; we all send and receive information over shared wires and connections. Even though it’s an open system, we still share a lot of private data like bank information, passwords, credit card numbers, social security numbers, etc. How do we keep all of that private during such a public exchange of information?

Through encryption. Data of any kind can be kept secret by scrambling or changing a message to hide text. Decryption is the process of unscrambling the message to make it readable. This is pretty simple, and people have been doing it for centuries.

encryption bloopHow do you make sure encryption is difficult? You use a method of scrambling or changing information that’s not necessarily difficult to decode by the intended reader, but would take forever to figure out for an unintended reader.

The power of modern computer processing has significantly upped the challenge for both encrypters and snoopers. Anyone with a message they want secured has to create a code that would be too hard to crack in a reasonable amount of time. Today’s secure encryptions use 256 bit keys, which makes for an extremely long and challenging amount of keys to try before potentially finding the right one. Even with 100,000 super computers, it would take trillions of years to crack that kind of code.

Just to be clear, the key is the pattern that allows a reader to unlock the original message.

When the sender and the receiver share the same key to encrypt and decrypt a message, it’s called symmetric encryption. With symmetric encryption, the secret key has to be agreed upon by two people in private.

This isn’t possible with computers, which never meet in private. Therefore, they utilize asymmetric encryption. That means there’s a public key that can be exchanged with anyone and a private key that is shared with no one.

encryption wawaThe public key is used to encrypt data and can be used by anyone. However, the secret can only be decrypted by a computer with access to the private key. Imagine you have a personal mailbox where anyone can deposit mail, but they need a key to access your deposit slot. However, only you can open your mailbox entirely to remove messages because only you have the private key. This way, people can exchange secure messages without ever needing to agree on a private key.

The security protocols SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) both use these methods to secure data on the web.

Your computer uses either of these services anytime you see the lock next to the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) in your browser, or anytime you see that the website  listed after “https”.

As the internet grows, the amount of secured data flowing from one device to the next only increases. The need to secure that data will, accordingly, increase in importance. As computers develop faster and faster, new ways will have to be discovered to make encryption harder to break.

Latest Technologies For In Your Next Personal Computer

Latest Technologies For In Your Next Personal Computer

This is the perfect time for the PC enthusiasts. So lot existing technologies upgraded into a next generation & also the new technologies introduced. But knowing if to upgrade the PC into a latest & also greatest will be the critical decision. Must you purchase now or you wait for a more advanced tech which promised by like of the AMD, Intel and the others? For the power users, lots of the information technology professionals fall in this category and also waiting for the specific tech will have the wider impact on the future productivity as well as to the ultimate success. Let see the Recent technologies in Personal Computer. The USB devices are the ubiquitous, so this is only the natural to need to know a lot about a successor to the USB 2.0. The USB 3.0 raises an effective data transfer rate by the factor of greater than the six, a large improvement over the USB 2.0. This gives a lot power than the USB 2.0 when the devices requires this, and 4.5 Watts versus a 2.5 watts, and less if they do not. The USB 3.0 available as the chip added into a motherboard or through the add in a card. The AMD supports the USB 3.0 natively & also Intel announced the plans to support the USB 3.0 in the seven series Panther Point chip sets.

Intel Thunderbolt:

Intel Thunderbolt, with Apple, developed the tech to compete along with the USB called as Thunderbolt and although the Intel prefers to Thunderolt as a coexisting along with the USB. And originally code named  ‘light peak’ & also making use of the optical cables, the Thunderbolt is the copper based and permitting for the ten watts of the power over a copper. The Thunderbolt combines the PCI express & also DisplayPort protocols to one shared interface. And there is the quite the bit of the confusion about a total bandwidth of the Thunderbolt port. Also, according to the Intel tech Brief, the Thundernolt connector capable of giving the two full duplex channels. Every channel gives the Bi directional 10Gbps of the bandwidth. The Intel spokesman had explained that this way in the PC magazine. Most of the customer storage devices do not come anywhere near a 10Gb per second data rate, but this is alternating along with a faster SSD & also flash drives being produced. Up to 7 total devices will be daily chained to use a remaining 20 GB per second per direction full bandwidth. This speed comes at the price.the 2.0 meter copper based Thunderbolt cable price 49 dollars USD,accost due to a Gennum GN2033 controllers & the other electronics built into each and every end of a cable which performs a data moving & multiplexing magic. These are some of the Recent technologies in Personal Computer, so see this and then satisfy your needs. If you want to more details then this is the right page for you, so please keep in touch with this right page.


What is HDMI?

what is hdmi

HDMI is also known as High-Definition Multimedia Interface. These connections send sharp and clear digital video and audio via one cable, helping keep the clutter away in the living room. Now it’s just about choosing the correct one. There are multiple version of HDMI, the most recent of them being HDMI 2.0.

The perfect digital interface provided by HDMI is the finest way to connect HD devices and components. Such things as Blu-Ray players, HD satellite, cable boxes, PlayStation and Xbox are all compatible with HDMI TVs and audio receivers. Sure there are other ways to connect, but why let your visual and audio quality suffer? In fact, for many devices, the only way to make an HD-compatible connection will be with HDMI. There are plenty of TVs that still tout a component input, but its nearly extinct on Blu-ray players these days.

While offering multichannel audio and HD video through one cable in something uniquely HDMI, these interfaces have other advantages as well. Since the information that HDMI connections create are strictly binary (1’s and 0’s), this eliminates the common issue of compromising the video and audio quality when you convert digital to analog. It also supports 1080p, which is necessary for HD TVs. Not to mention that it finally supports 8 channels of high-quality 24-bit 192kHz audio. It’s the only input/output that can carry 3D signals, and HDMI 1.4 and up can carry an internet connection between devices that are compatible.

Another interesting aspect of HDMI is that provides copy protection. This is less of a concern for the average consumer, but movie studios can greatly benefit from it. It affects the quality of what we are watching, and will continue to do so even in the future. One of the reasons why it was so readily adopted is because of the demands of studio-professionals for better copy protection against piracy. High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (also known as HDCP), presents itself on essentially all HDMI enabled devices. Without HDCP, the quality and the amount of HD content presented to consumers would be significantly more limited. The downside is that it also authenticates the connection between components through a digital maneuver known as a “digital handshake”. Occasionally, problems can arise from this process and degrade the quality of the picture and audio.

As of now, HDMI is a universally used connector for the home entertainment system. Of course, it is continuously evolving to the meet the upgrades that occur with electrical equipment and sound systems. HDMI, thankfully, is completely backwards compatible, and with the use of an adapter can even be used with DVI (video only, no audio). HDMI automatically selects the highest quality of the audio or video formats that are jointly supported by the two components. Essentially, if one of your devices is HDMI 1.2 and the other is HDMI 1.3, the result will be limited to 1.2 standards. There are 7 versions of HDMI, and the only one you’ll have to ever worry about will most likely be 2.0, as the updates and features it has are only accessible with an HDMI 2.0 component.

Advent Of Technology Through Smart Phones

Advent Of Technology Through Smart Phones

What are smart phones and why are they called so? First of all, to answer this question, we will have to analyze in detail the way in which the mobile network has filtered into the human life and slowly encircled all of us entirely in its complicated web.

smart12The first form of communication that man succeeded in inventing was the telephone, for which Graham Bell takes credit. But it did not become an immediate hit due to its prices. But slowly, with advancement and newer versions trying to take the place of the former ones, people started buying, believing and ultimately depending on it.

How smart are Smart phones?

After the advent of telephones, for long, nothing else could take its place. Then came the cellular phones. It created such a blast in the communication industry. Nobody could even have imagined the possibility of its reach that it had on the people from the minute of its release into the market. The orders were coming in like crazy, sales surging up, and in no time at all, all the phones manufactured for the first round vanished. Then, slowly and steadily it started to pick up an even more vigorous pace and has now brought us into the age of smart phones.

What do you think is possible with smart phones? With Smartphones, you can learn languages, call people, video chat, connect to internet, find out routes in real time, and get back your lost mobiles as well as sim cards. You no longer need to hang outside the mobile showroom, waiting to block your sim card or get your insurance money for your lost phone, because now with the latest, Anti-theft technology, the smart phone will not only show you where the phone is, but also intimate another person about its whereabouts. So, with such a massive intellectual device in our hands, we only need to take care that it is never exploited!

Number One Play Station Is Now Available Here

Number One Play Station Is Now Available Here

More than a play station, Xbox One or rather Xone, how it is commonly known as, can be categorized as a video game console. When it was first introduced, people were doubtful about it and even the manufacturing company was apprehensive about its success and the nature of welcome among the customers.

play2But just within six months after its entry, all these doubts and concerns were cleared when the sales suddenly surged and began booming. All these credit goes to the Americans because Xbox was first introduced in the American markets and then across Europe, Australia and New Zealand. And very recently, even the Indian markets have started picking up the pace.

The craze and the Justification

Long gone are the days when kids used to go outside to get some fresh air or play. Now, all they do is immerse their noses into some electronic gadget. Such has become the advancement in technology that they drag the kids’ attention from the outside to indoors completely. In some ways this is good, but not always, because, human body does need some physical activity apart from the exercise that we give to the brain. This can be achieved through some form of sports or running.

The amazing news is that all this is possible through Xbox One. Don’t be surprised, for all this is true and that is how Xbox One became a hit in the market. Xbox One, the video console not only offers video games for the mind, but also offers the chance of playing physically. This is possible because it creates a virtual console with the Xbox and the player can play physically while the other player (Xbox) creates a visual illusion of someone playing with us.

Thus, Xbox One has proved that with the advent in technology, it is not always necessary that one has to become a lazy bag, but he or she can also develop their physical as well as mental strength.

Life Is Good Is The Motto!

Life Is Good Is The Motto!

LG refers to LG electronics, LG mobiles, air conditioner, washing machines, refrigerators, etc. This name is known to all households in India through their daily use products. About Company: LG, Korean multinational electronic Company is founded in October 1958, in Seoul, South Korea. The name of the founder is Koo in Hwoi. Current CEO is Boon-Joon Koo. There are about 82000 employees available and LG is having branches in more than 100 countries across the world. There are 32529 followers are available.

lg12Marketing Strategy of LG

LG is having very strong marketing group and having professional way of working across all its branches. LG invites ideas even form the ultimate customer, and take suggestion for improvement of their brand from time to time. LG changes and give new model based on the regular feedback from customers. There is a separate customer service department is available and they take opinions from every town and keep the record. Such records will be submitted to the top management thro’ their regular monthly review meetings.

LG appoints distributors and through those the items are distributed to several stores in every town. Apart from this, LG is also having its own show room in a prominent place in every town and selling all the products directly to the customers. LG found that this system, selling via show room is highly beneficial, as this attracts customers directly. This way, they are getting customers’ suggestions, feedback and opinions instantly.

All the complaints from customers are attended immediately. If they are unable to provide solution to customers, they, the same is getting forwarded to their work shop and from there they get reply and pass on the same to the customer. LG feels that every customer is utmost important and doing customer service keep this in mind. Hence, LG is maintaining all the branches successfully.

Most Addictive Application For All

Most Addictive Application For All

Facebook is an online social network with its headquarters situated in California (US). Facebook was founded in the year 2004 in US. The current CEO is Mark Zuckerberg.

facebook2It connects people who work, friends, students, and all kind of people who are living in and around. Once account is opened, then you will find newcomers come and join with you every day. They share many things and mostly knowledge based. They extend help among themselves, and they truly take advantage of this on line sharing information.

Some of the amazing aspects

Truly this is outstanding. Function photos, newborn’s photos, and any other incident are getting circulated and reaching within no time. This is a big advantage, especially, for those who are living far away. There is a data available with regard to facebook: Millions of people are using facebook every day and opening account every day also. Uploads occur in numbers of millions and above and nothing less than that. You can also make face to face video calls with friends through facebook. Support the cause, help the poor, sharing information to any one available in the facebook, giving opinion, and giving your vote for opinion poll and what not!

You can do all the above activities from your mobile also. There is privacy available hence others cannot access to your account without your knowledge. It is fully protected. Hence, millions of people using or operating this (especially, who are far away) try to take advantage of getting information about their family and friends. Apart from this they share marketing and the new products available in the market. Hospital information is shared, and this helps to the concerned to a large extent in order to admission and cost of surgery, etc. Overall, facebook is playing an important role in and around world to all kinds of people.

Why does data need to be recovered from hard drive?

Why does data need to be recovered from hard drive?

Before we delve into the ways in which a hard drive could be lost, corrupted or erased, let us see where hard drives are used. Hard drive is used in computers, laptops, mobile phones and even in flash drives or pen drives. Now, it so happens that, under some circumstances, it is possible that a hard drive might fail. In such circumstances, the immediate concern will be about the hard drive, possibility of recovery of data from it.

circle1But, there is no need for any panic, since there will always be a solution for everything. First and foremost thing to do is to stop using the computer and disconnect the external device. Now, check and examine the external parts, and find out if there is any broken. Then, replace the damaged cables with new one and try whether it is working.

Easy Solution for Data Recovery

If it is not working, then, connect with another computer and find out whether it is working. If this is succeeded, then immediately change the entire data base and take one back up without fail. If it fails then try to reassemble and find out whether it is working or not. If it is still not working, then download a live disk and boot the computer. And take proper guidelines from Linux on how to take bake the data. Linux can easily fix it. This is called test disk. This will help to recreate partition table.

If sometimes hard drive recovery does not work, and maybe the head of the hard disk is stuck, give a hard hit with your hand on the narrow edge near cable connector and see it might free it. Then plug it again, and transfer all the data to another drive and for a safer side, take one or two backups of all important data. Check all connections, and make yourself confirmed that all are tight and there is no loose cable. Now, place this for servicing and you can be rest assured with good servicing.